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1. Would you like to wake up in this room every day?  

2. How would your outlook on the day be influenced by the painting?


Murakami and Warhol

1. It’s been said that Murakami draws a great deal of inspiration from Andy Warhol’s work.  Do you think that these two paintings look like they are in the same genre or not?

2.  What elements of Warhol do you see in Murakami’s paintings?

Flores and Mucha

Talk about some of the similarities and differences between these two artists’ subject matter and technique.  

Barry McGee and Jackson Pollack


What are some of the similarities and differences between these two artists’ approach to painting?

Mike Giant

1. What genre of art seems to have the most influence on this artist? Why?

2. Where might one see this artist’s work?


1.What’s the overall mood of the two pieces?

2. What art movement was this artist a part of?

3. Provide a definition of the movement.



What emotions are in this painting?


1. What genre does this painting represent?

2. How many different types of genres can you identify in this painting?

3. What popular icon does this image remind you of? Why?


Kandinsky and Os Gemeos

What are some of the similarities in these two artists technique?



1. When you see this image, what does it make you think of?  

2. Why do you think Picasso didn’t use any color when he painted this work?